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Neck Pain Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Neck Pain and Headache Relief

Nothing else was helping the neck pain, and I finally had to go in for treatment. Afterwards the psi has decreased and to mysurprise my blood pressure has dropped to levels that do not require medication. I will pursue chiropractic care for my overall health. Having my pain drop and normal blood pressure is fantastic. Give Chiropractic a chance to help you overcome your health concerns. Having my blood pressure down will give me a lot longer to be with my family.

Paso Robles Chiropractors
Chris C.

My stiff neck and back was so bad I couldn't turn my headwhich made it hard to drive or backing up in my car. After getting treated the stiffness has gotten so much better. and my movement is much better. I can sit up straighter, walk straighter and all of it has been so fantastic. Get chiropractic treatment, the pain doesn't go away over time, it just gets worse and pills don't correct the problem.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Emily W.

I had neck, stomach and lower back pain, poor vision and I was feeling desperate. I just wanted to feel like I used to. After visiting with Dr. Griffin, I feel more relaxed, more patient, my vision has actually improved, and there is no more pain in my body helping me to sleep better. I felt better immediately after treatment. I love that I can breathe and sleep so much better now. You have to see a chiropractor, don't fear it.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Lucinda M.

The arm pain was getting so bad I had trouble going to sleep and staying asleep, and my neck was causing pain into my head. After treatment, my arm pain was completely gone. I only have neck and shoulder pain when my head is in a strained position. I'm more aware of head position and posture. I will never let pain go as long as I did in the past and I will use chiropractic therapy. Get Treatment as soon as possible.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Patricia G.

I had pinched a nerve in my neck and I was in a lot of pain to the point of having lost feeling in my hand. The problem was not improving on its own as I had hoped. I was forced to live on pain meds. After treatment, I now live pain free, unless I lift something to strain my neck. The feeling I my hand has returned as well. I didn't realize how good posture can have an impact on my longterm health. My favorite part is seeing the weekly improvements. I would suggest chiropractic work to anyone who has symptoms. Avoiding treatment is like avoiding a cavity… it just gets worse.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Tom B.

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