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Headaches & Migraines Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Headache and Back Pain Relief

Neck Pain and Headache Relief

I had seen how well Chiropractic treatment worked on my brother so I decided to try it to help with my headaches, sore neck and the tightness that had formed in my upper back. Now I have no headaches! Just knowing how much your body relies on your back will help me out whenever I may be having a problem. There are other solutions than taking medication. I no longer have to take medication daily, and I would advise others to check out a chiropractor.

Chiropractor Paso Robles
Amanda P.

With much pain and migraines from the 3 herniated disks in my lower back and 2 in my neck, I absolutely needed to get help. After I did, I haven't had to use my cane in months, haven't had a migraine in months, when I used to get them weekly. I recently had an MRI done and the disks in my neck are no longer herniated, and because of the great treatment I had I will always do chiropractic care now. The staff is just so amazing and has fit me in anytime I needed. And Dr. Griffin has given me so much pain relief. Come here! Don't wait, you won't be sorry.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Latitia M.

I was losing sleep due to the chronic headaches and my nagging lower back and not able to be active anymore, but Dr. Griffins honesty and professionalism is so encouraging. I can now sleep better and live an improved lifestyle with more energy! Problems don't just go away if you ignore them, so I will address my body's aches before they impact other body systems like it did. I love the consistently friendly staff; I feel at home. Stop taking pills to alleviate pain if you can actually cure the problem. I know I'm too late to cure my degenerative joint disease, but I enjoy life so much better now.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Nancy W.

I was already being treated for neck and shoulder pain when my dog hit my head and caused the dizziness. Now that I've been treated I am no longer dizzy when I do simple things like getting up or laying down. My balance is normal whereas the dizziness had caused some issues in my equilibrium. I would recommend to anyone to get chiropractic treatment as I have when in this kind of pain- it really works!

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Pat G.

I had been getting severe headaches from whiplash that had been caused by a car accident. It was so bad I finally had to go in to see someone. I'm so glad that I did because today I am headache free due to Dr. Griffins adjustments. I want to continue TX to train the muscles and tendons to stay in place. I would just like to thank Dr. Griffin so much for his excellent care and treatment.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Rebecca T.

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