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Back Pain & Disc Injuries Testimonials

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For a while I had back pain, constant headaches, and trouble sleeping, so I talked to my mom about going to her chiropractor, and she said it would help with all the pain. She was right because now I feel we'll rested in the morning, no more headaches! This has made me think about how my spinal column is so important, and I need to take care of it, after all it's the only one I have. I loved hearing the positive feedback every time I went in to get readjusted. Seek chiropractic help before it's too late.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Jessica D.

I wanted to take a minute and tell you that you have truly changed my life. I never thought chiropractic could do for me what it has done. I have lived with this pain it seems like forever. I can deal with quite a bit of pain, and I guess that's why I let it go on for so long, plus the fact it is expensive, I thought but you Dr. have thought of seniors and made it very possible to receive your life changing adjustments. Everything about me is different, the pains going away in my lower back with your exercises, attitude is 100% better, ask my friends. I guess the pain gnaws on you after a while. I could not lay down on my couch with my little dog like I used to because it hurt to lay on my side or back, we could not figure out what went wrong. I could not sleep at night because it hurt everywhere, I would get up at two in the morning and take a hot bath to try to ease the pain. I am a believer Dr., I want to thank you so much for caring about people, and giving me back my LIFE. I pray to God he will bless you mightily as you have helped his children with your talent.

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Linda S.

I had so much back pain and I couldn't get it to stop. It kept getting worse, and the chiropractor helped me get what I needed most: pain relief. I am more aware of my posture now and what repercussions it can have on my lower back. Don't be reluctant to visit a chiropractor-they fix the problem!

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA

I was having consistent lower back pain and tightness, and it got to the point where the pain had become much worse. I was in preparation for the Fire Academy and I needed to get it worked out. So, after I got treated, I rarely feel if at all any pain in my lower back. I feel a lot stronger than when I started. Now I pay more attention to how I'm treating my back and especially when I am working in the Fire service, I can do my job better as a fireman. Dr. Griffin and his staff are wonderful. He is a brother in Christ and feels like family. Find a chiropractor you like and stick with treatment. And if you're in Paso, choose Dr. Griffin!

Chiropractors Paso Robles CA
Trevor A.

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